Hermes Birkin Raffle


Mission Statement

 The Lidya Chami A”H Hesed Foundation was founded upon the principles that Lidya lived her life – which was to Live, Love, and Laugh.Our mission is to be a source of Hope and Support to the Family Members who have Loved ones facing serious illness and a battle of ongoing treatments. We will work hand-in-hand with community organizations to provide services such as Meal Programs, Tutoring, Home Upkeeping, Recreational Programs, and other fulfilling events to allow for a Healthy Balance of Normalcy and Happiness.We will assist in establishing an atmosphere of Love so that no family member ever feels forgotten or lost during their ongoing challenge.During Lidya’s 7 year battle with cancer, she herself made every effort to ensure that her family would Live, Love, and Laugh – everyday!With your support, we will carry on her Legacy.